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Grounded & Well Rounded

Our Facilities
Our current facility is at The Otom Fitness Gym.  Our space feels big and open for expression and learning. It Includes a gymnastics gym, and a second room for open games, yoga, dance, and parkour.

(718) 349-6627

Gymnastics Inspired Play

Our aim is build a community of children and families that place value on physical movement, play, nutrition, the arts, academic enrichment, spirit and building lifetime friendships.

Our Programs
Kids Yoga
Art enrichment
Games & Sports Play
Homework Help
Math Tutoring
and More...
After School Pick Up
We will be picking up from any local school that can provide 10+ children. These are the schools we pick up from so far: 
PS 31(tentative on enrollment)
PS 34 (tentative on enrollment)
PS 110
PS 84
Williamsburg Northside
PS 126
If you would like to add a school for pick up please help us get 8 students.
Pre K - 6th Grade
Tuition is based on a semesters enrollment
(September - January, 16 weeks).
   Days per Week    Monthly Installments
1/2 day    $180.00
(Pre-k & K only)
1 day      $240.00
2 days     $480.00
3 days     $720.00
4 days     $960.00
  5 days     $1,200.00
    Drop In    $90.00/day
($25.00 fee for monthly payments, added into the first payment)

Tuition includes an organic and/or non-processed snack.
During their time with us we 
will host classes and games that 
teach about nutrition and healthy eating. The Gym Park is dedicated to supporting locally grown, organic and raw food. We joined a CSA and will now offer an organic and non-processed snack with our basic tuition. We also have an add on Juice option! For an additional tuition choose one fresh raw cold pressed, organic, non PPH juice from our menu per day. Give your child the benefit of unpasteurized living enzymes to fill their bodies with lovely goodness.
Gymnastics Facility
Our gymnastics gym is a fully equipped gymnastics and play center. We have all the equipment, apparatus, spring floors, bars, beams, trampolines and free space to explore and learn about gymnastics and creative play! We are the largest gymnastics center in north brooklyn!
Parkour is fast becoming popular as a modern form of gymnastics. We will have a dedicated space to practice and learn these fun and agility building skills.

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Sign up Today! We have limited Space available, we register on a first come, first serve basis.

It’s going to be a great Year!


1st- 6th Grade: 2:30pm - 5:30pm 
Pre-K & K: 2:30pm -4:30pm
Final Dismissal: 5:30pm - 6:00pm 
(Times may vary depending on
 school dismissal)
Raw Juice Lovee 
Your child will enjoy one raw juice per day. We will have a menu of juices to choose from, coming soon. .
(Beginning Oct 1st 2014)

$50 per month( 1 day per week)
$100 per month (2 days per week)
$150 per month (3 days per week)
$200 per month (4 days per week)
$250 per month (5 days per week)
Nature our Teacher
As a philosophy we call on nature to create our lessons and teach our children. Using the elements as a guideline we channel the ancient wisdom of Fire, Water, Earth and Air to help us all become aware of our body, mind and spirit.
Sample Schedule 
2:20-2:45 Pick Up
2:45 - 3:15 Arrival
3:00-3:30 Snack/Change Cloths 
3:30-3:45 First Activity
4:30-4:45 Second Activity /Dismissal
5:30 Homework Help/ Dismissal
6:00 Extended Dismissal
 The Gym Park
169 Calyer St.
BrooklynNY 11222contact_us.html